I'd Rather Be At Disney

I'd Rather Be At Disney

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My name is Ryanne and I'm 18. I'm obsessed with everything Disney and my only goal for my future is to work for Disney! I am thrilled to announce that my dream will come true on January 21st when I begin the adventure of a lifetime- the Disney College Program! It is my life and I am at Disney world any chance I get. I have been to Disney World 29 times in 2011 alone, but I am on my 7th consecutive annual pass and 12th annual pass in general. Disney has the undeniable ability to bring out the good in everyone and it can turn anyone into believers. After all, any dream is possible and wishes do come true! Feel free to ask me anything or talk to me! Peace, Love, Disney <3



Watch Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life grow in this time laps!

This is so cool. Happy birthday to Animal Kingdom!!

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This should be on every dash. It’s so perfect. 

This is actually making me cry. Bless this post. 

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